Getting to the Power Point in Munich

In this episode Laura takes us to Munich and we discuss her talk on the neurology of games. We explore the dangers of death by Power Point and how to avoid the killer food coma. We also talk about the stages of training as participants come together and the importance of movement.…kets-25732753358…kets-26448941496

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Episode 4 Interview with Sue Johnston

In this episode we interview Sue Johnston, an Agile Coach Trainer. She tells us about how she got her start with Coaching, Games, and Agile (in that order). She also tells us about her recent experiences at Play 4 Agile. @itsunderstood @workagile @laurapowers

NOTE: Apologies for the audio quality, we're still learning! New gear is on the way and we should be getting it fixed soon!

Episode 1 - Agile Games Get Awesome

In Episode 1 we meet out intrepid Agile Games Podcast explorers, Paul Wynia and Laura Powers as they search for fun and interesting ways to use games to teach, train, and discover!

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